06.Apr04.12[pic]BI Rain Mentholatum ad @ HK Bus 九巴



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27.May05.11[video]BI Rain @ MCM Grand Opening in HK




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06.Apr04.12[pic]BI Rain @ coupang new event



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03.Apr04.12[video][Vtv][eNews]Korean entertainment courier : Department of Defense public BI Rain photo



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06.Apr04.12[Military Defense news]A special live military radio show to celebrate Reservist Day was broadcast with Rain attending.

[Corporal “Yu Seung Chan”, a PR soldier, is passionately singing his hit song “I Love You”, receiving an  enthusiastic response]

-Brief summary-
A special live show held in a military auditorium to celebrate Reservist Day’s 44th year was broadcast on “The Lounge At 2:00Pm” (두시의 휴게실), a military FM radio program having a high ratings, on the afternoon of April 5th.
Following the performances of traditional instrumental military musicians attached to Defense Agency for Public Information Services and of popular singers in the 70s and 80s, all of PR soldiers such as corporal “Park Hyo Shin”, pfc “Jung Ji Hoon”(Rain), etc.
attached to Defense Agency for Public Information Services gave energetic and high levels of performances that you’ll never forget, where the special event featured more than 500 of 2012 exemplary reservist couples, female reservists attached to capital defense command, military officials, etc. to tell the entire nation the importance and role of the effective strength of an army.




Credit to Military Defense news http://kookbang.dema.mil.kr/kdd/GisaView.jsp?menuCd=3004&menuSeq=10&menuCnt=30914&writeDate=20120406&kindSeq=1&writeDateChk=20120406

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05.Apr04.12[Cloud Notice]★Regarding creating a new Cloud official homepage and SNS (Twitter & Facebook)★

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.
Rainy Entertainment told us last February that they would help to work on Cloud’s new official homepage and to provide the necessary money required for its operation and maintenance, thus Cloud’s new official homepage is in the make through a grant from 8th term Cloud executive board.
Therefore, Cloud’s new official homepage’s online accounts will belong to Rainy Entertainment. (Any of the executive board won’t give out her personal information when they build the new homepage).
And, the executive board will only run the homepage and manage the members, sharing the work. (The executive board won’t manage the maintenance costs themselves)
For reference, Cloud fees will be managed by the executive board as now, so Rainy Entertainment has no say in how the fees are spent. We’ll give a notice only to Cloud members like we used to when the fees are spent, and the fees can be spent only when there is a valid reason.
Our fundamental request in a form was conveyed to Rainy Entertainment last March, and we’ve received a reply from a company in the business of creating websites. [ → Please refer to the above document as an attachment] (download on rain-cloud)
Last March 27th (Tue), we received an e-mail message saying that they would work on the new homepage over a 3 month period beginning in early April, and it would be opened in early July/in mid-July. So, we’ll use the membership fees to pay for using the current Cloud online accounts for 3 months (April~June)
If you have any questions or if there are any further requests on the above, please post comments below. Those third requests will be conveyed to the company through Rainy Entertainment.
We’ll set up Cloud’s official Twitter and Facebook in April.
We’re looking for people to help to create and manage those sites, to translate, and to upload Cloud site’s posts on those sites (Twitter & Facebook)
Applicants can contact us at friendlyjs28@hanmail.net
The interim report about creating a new Cloud homepage and changes will be noticed later.
Thank you.



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05.Apr04.12[Cloud Notice]BI Rain’s 10th debut celebration event (Update 1)(Update 2)

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.
Thank you for many of your comments about the notice of a special event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rain’s debut.
There are opinions we have collected.
You’ve become more interested in a newspaper advertisement than you are in a donation, and you prefer Kyunghyang Daily News to any other newspapers.
There is a body of opinion that says we should make a donation to charity, but we can’t come up with enough money to run two things (newspaper ad & donation) as we don’t have sufficient budgetary reserves. So, let us hear your opinions about this again.
(Newspaper ad)
1. Newspaper ad – Putting an ad in the front page of Kyunghyang Daily News
2. Newspaper ad – Putting an ad in the back of Kyunghyang Daily News
1. Let’s donate.
2. There’s no need to donate.
* If we donate to a charity, please let me know the name of the charity you’ll select and the specific amount of our subscription.
1. All expenses should be covered by the dues.
2. We should make up the shortfall through a fundraising campaign.
Otherwise, bringing food ((ex) snacks, rice cakes, cakes, etc.) to a barrack where Rain lives. We’d really appreciate your input on this matter.
Also, there are many opinions about opening a channel on YouTube.
After exchanging views on this issue with Rainy Entertainment, we’ll give you a notice about it. If opening a channel on YouTube would be timed to coincide with his 10th debut celebrations, so much the better. Even if work proceeds slowly, please be tolerant and
Thank you.
(The last notice) #3808
http://rain-cloud.co.kr/common/b … _what=&keyword=
Many different opinions have been brought up on the matter.
Since the forgoing contract is in progress under the terms of the provisional one, we would listen and we would make the changes that are necessary.
We apologize for unilaterally giving notice.
There are many opinions about donation, so we’ve called some charitable institutions for further information.
1. The Community Fund For Love & Welfare, Fruit of Love.
-Presenting the families of those who died on the Cheonan with an endowment, or the specified families of those who died on the Cheonan could receive personal donations.
2. Animal rescue center.
– Donating the purchased animal feedstuffs to some animal rescue centers.
3. Charitable foundations (Be Friends, Green Umbrella, Beautiful Store, etc.)
– Donation to help hungry children or indigent children abroad.
4. Defense Ministry.
– Donation could be accepted when we pass the censorship of Defense Ministry after discussing how a fund will be used in the unit concerned.
The information given above is a rough concept for the donation. You are welcome to another opinion.
– Different opinions on the selection for the newspaper advertisement are conveyed by you guys-
1. Kyunghyang Daily News
– 200,000~300,000 newspapers can be distributed across the country based on the full-page newspaper advertisement (overall color image)
– The cost is about ₩2,750,000~3,750,000
2. Hankyoreh newspaper.
– The cost is about ₩3,300,000~₩4,300,000 (based on the same number of newspapers as Kyunghyang Daily News)
– If the ad is put in the fore part in the middle of the newspaper, there’s million won’s difference between the two other cases, according to Hankyoreh newspaper officials.
And, putting the ad in the dead tree edition is even more expensive, so the difficulty could lie in the process working. Do you have any comments on this matter?
We’ve based our proposal on various opinions we collected, and we’ll listen and we will make the changes that are necessary.
Thank you.


Rain’s 10th debut celebration event (Update 2)

[Newspaper ad]

1. Most of you concur that we need to put an ad in the front page of Kyunghyang Daily News, but we are obliged for your further comment about this by midnight tonight, not by this Friday.


2. Most of you concur that we don’t have to donate.
So, we’ll leave out donation this time, but there may be a way to have us donate to charity through a continuous fund-raising campaign.

[Expenses] : there is one correction that needs to be made as follows.

1. In the case of a newspaper ad, all expenses will be covered by the dues.

2. In the case of donation, we have to choose between the two – all expenses should be covered by the dues or we should make up the shortfall through a fundraising campaign.

[Rain’s 10th debut celebration event]

We’re expected to spend about ₩3,750,000 preparing for a newspaper ad and spend some money on food support for a barrack where Rain lives, but exact details of the expenses aren’t out yet (food support). Please tell us what sort of gifts we should get them.

*We’re looking for people to help design an image for the newspaper ad.

We were helped by Japanese fans last time.

Those who (including the domestic fans) are willing to assist can contact us at fggcwwx@naver.com

When it’s all set, we’ll give a notice.

Please give your opinions on the above issue.

Thank you.




source : http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/comm … _what=&keyword= //raincloudhk

05.Apr04.12[video]BI Rain mentioned @ Ask The Ambassador #4

성김 대사의 4번째 ATA답변입니다!

성김 대사가 좋아하는 K-pop 스타는 과연 누구일까요?

이 외에도 이번 ATA 답변에서는 성김 대사가 기억하는
과거의 한국과 현재의 모습에 대한 이야기,
북한 인권에 대한 의견 등을 솔직하게 피력했습니다!

Who is Ambassador Kim’s favorite K-pop star?

Find out for yourself in his new “Ask the Ambassador (ATA)” video!



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05.Apr04.12[Magazine]BI Rain at Japanese Magazine



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05.Apr04.12[pic]BI Rain Mentholatum new pictures

#曼秀雷敦男士专业护肤# 春眠不觉晓,一脸的倦意怎么得了?早晚洗脸时,让极冰薄荷与极爽活炭碰撞,Oc控油清爽系列的冰爽活炭洁面乳迸发的两极洁净力,带来超越极限的洁面体验,横扫春困,唤醒你沉睡的肌肤,每一天都容光焕发!


#这些年,我们一起炭过的洁净# 曼秀雷敦男士护肤系列,作为国内首批男士专用护肤品,自2003年上市以来,冰爽活炭洁面乳深受男士们喜爱,特含#医药级天然活炭#,极炭洁净力量,帮助吸走油脂污垢,洁面后肌肤焕发醒神光彩,连Rain也不禁大呼一声“爽”!




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