06.Apr04.12[video]Fashion in Northeast Asia BI Rain part

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27.May05.11[video]BI Rain @ MCM Grand Opening in HK




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03.Apr04.12[video][Vtv][eNews]Korean entertainment courier : Department of Defense public BI Rain photo



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05.Apr04.12[video]BI Rain mentioned @ Ask The Ambassador #4

성김 대사의 4번째 ATA답변입니다!

성김 대사가 좋아하는 K-pop 스타는 과연 누구일까요?

이 외에도 이번 ATA 답변에서는 성김 대사가 기억하는
과거의 한국과 현재의 모습에 대한 이야기,
북한 인권에 대한 의견 등을 솔직하게 피력했습니다!

Who is Ambassador Kim’s favorite K-pop star?

Find out for yourself in his new “Ask the Ambassador (ATA)” video!



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02.Apr04.12[Audio][Eng.Sub.]BI Rain’s Interview @ Friends FM



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03.Apr04.12[video][MTV]BI Rain is planning to alter a building he owned into a boutique hotel




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22.Mar03.12[video][CEN]BI Rain Vietnam to attend the second concert




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26.Mar03.12[video][Eng.trans.][Fancam]BI Rain Seoul Peace Concert

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[English translation]_Talk (1:56)

by 화니  @raincloud
Loyalty! (Chung Sung)
This is Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon’ attached to Defense Agency for Public Information Services.
Nice to meet you.
Two years ago this week, the Cheonan ship sank into the deep sea with (46) sailors.
I also cannot forget the Cheonan and the brave sailors
who died on that fateful day two years ago.
We shouldn’t forget about the brave soldiers who died for our country.
The reason why my movement during the performance was
more intentionally active than usual like this,
was that doing my best would be thought to be
the best way of bringing laughter to all of you, myself,
the victims of the day, and their families who are here.
We can’t forget their spirit of sacrifice to save others.
To carry out all the obligations I’ve undertaken,
now I’d like to sing my last song and then I’m afraid I must say goodbye.




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26.Mar03.12[video][HD][KBS1]BI Rain Seoul Peace concert


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26.Mar03.12[video][Fancam]BI Rain Seoul Peace Concert in Seoul (Yongsan War Memorial) stand by you




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