06.Apr04.12[twitter][Eng.trans.]BI Rain’ll make a guest appearance on a military radio show called radiojumam on Monday

박효신의 주맘 😀@radiojumam

또.. 여러분의 참여를 기다리는 코너 속의 코너도 있습니닷 내가 정의내린 “임주환은 OO이다, 김재욱은 OO이다, 정지훈은 OO이다!!” 주맘 전용 트위터나 이메일 통해서 미리 보내주시면 생방 때 같이 소개해드릴게요~많은 참여 부탁드립니다 🙂

그리고 4월9일 월요일에’철세’는 한주쉬구요, 대신 특별한손님들 초대했습니다~ 이제는 완전 선임! 쿄디제이와 홍보지원대의뉴페이스!! 임주환,김재욱,정지훈일병이 한자리에모여서벽을허무는(?) 시간.. 가져보려고하는데요.생방중간에응원의메시지많이보내주시구요

[English translation]by 화니@raincloud

We look forward to your participation in our program. For participation in it,
you can use the following methods – “Yim Ju Howan is OO”,”Kim Jae Wook is OO” “Jung Ji Hoon is OO !!”.If you send messages forward through a Jumam-only email,we’ll introduce those messages when it is broadcast live.We’d like the participation of the listeners.

@radiojumam : 

On Monday, April 9, we’ll have special guests on our program, Jumam.Pfc “Yim Ju Howan”, “Kim Jae Wook”, and “Jung Ji Hoon” (Rain), who are new faces in Defense Agency for Public Information Services, will get together to make time for fun that day. Please send supportive messages to us.




source :  http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=323094&page=1&bbs=

03.Apr04.12[twitter][Eng.trans.]Rainy Entertainment Twitter (레이니엔터테인먼트) open today ^^

new twitter for Rainy Entertainment Twitter (레이니엔터테인먼트) opened today ^^

>>> @rainyent <<<




credit as tagged

caps by wawalalal

03.Apr04.12[Jihoon Notice]Regarding the opening of Rainy Entertainment’s official Twitter

Hi, this is Rainy Entertainment.
Rainy Entertainment has opened its official Twitter in order to tell you the news about Rain
as soon as possible and to listen carefully to what you have to say.
<The address of  Rainy Entertainment’s official Twitter>
http://twitter.com/rainyent ( @rainyent)
Please give us your interest and support..




Source : http://www.rain-jihoon.com/n2/notice_view.php?page=1&No=358&bSeq=537

Eng.trans. by 화니 @raincloud

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01.Apr04.12[twitter]BI Rain new follow !

More two new follow


Sara Tidwell (iTunes),WendyScott-Carr,Yasmin,Princess Tiana, Maggie, Mma Makutsi, Lorrell, Emmie Thibadeaux.Spksprsn4 ALA,Union membr, DISNEY LEGEND! 🙂

#좋아하는 사람–선한 사람,책임감 있는 사람,변하지 않는 사람,남에게도 관심있는 사람,유머있는 사람,너그러운 사람…#싫어하는 사람–나와 다른 생각은 틀린 생각이라 여기는 사람,무책임한 사람,변하는 사람,속 좁은 사람…



source : BI Rain twitter @29rain

24.Mar03.12[twitter]BI Rain Charity Concert Tokyo! DVD

Randy Noh@showdirectorceo

지훈이와 했던 마지막 해외 공연의 DVD 나오네 ㅋㅋㅋ Rain Charity Concert Tokyo! DVD 발매 4월 13일! http://pic.twitter.com/XFf7VVAX
Jihoon two and the last overseas concert ㅋㅋㅋ Rain Charity Concert Tokyo! DVD
release of the DVD ’bout April 13
credit : Randy Noh twitter

23.Mar03.12[twitter]BI Rain @ twitter today ! new follow

BI Rain today new follow as shown :



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Social Designer 박 원순입니다. 세상은 꿈꾸는 사람들의 것입니다. 함께 꾸는 꿈은 현실이 됩니다. 요즘 저는 새로운 서울을 만드는 꿈을 꿉니다. 그 꿈에 함께 해주세요. mayor.seoul.go.kr


Epik High Mithra眞 국방부 근무지원단 홍보지원대 병장 최진 2012.05.14

안녕하세요 KCM입니다 반가워요 ^^

parkyo parkyo ‏ @realcaptainpark
Wanna fall in L.O.V.E. 


source : BI Rain twitter @29rain

20.Mar03.12[inf.]BI Rain follow #3 military celeb friend on twitter today !

[Twitter::Info] @29Rain Had been twittering on 20/03/2012!!

He Just followed his military celeb friend on twitter today 박효신 , 유승찬 and 김지훈 who are with him in Vietnam now .


see the pic :

Credit: http://memo-rain.ning.com
Source : CloudUnite twitter

15.Mar03.12[Eng.trans][twitter]Korean military orchestra receives an invitation to perform in Vietnam.

This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Vietnam. In honor of its 20th anniversary,South Korean military symphony orchestra has been invited to perform.

– Military’s various cultural diplomacy activities such as playing orthodox classical music,

playing Korean traditional instruments, K-POP stars’ performance, etc.

◦ Military symphony orchestra will participate in the event and engaged in military

diplomatic activities from March 17 to 23.

∙ the attendance :

92 (symphony orchestra: 60, military’s traditional band : 17, and the  support group : 7, etc.)

The head of the national defense education policy : Jung Dae Hyun.

The planning for performance : a total of six times.

– Invitation performance : two times

(19 March / Army theater, 21 March / Hanoi Opera House)

– Visit performance : four times

(the Military Art College of Music, Vietnam Military Band,  a  South Korean school, and South Korea World Institute)

◦ In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of South Korea-Vietnam amity, this concert

comes at the official invitation of the Vietnamese government.

South Korea military symphony orchestra’s participation in this invitation concert from

abroad is the first time in ten years that it has been found.

◦ The military symphony orchestra will engage in various diplomatic activities, holding two

official concerts geared toward the Vietnamese government, military officials,

Korean-Vietnamese, and local people (Monday 19 March, Wednesday 21 March), and

holding a joint concert with the Vietnam military band, etc. (Thursday 22 March), etc.

◦ The military symphony orchestra will provide people with various visual treats, such as

military traditional Korean band’s drumming and samulnori, K-POP concert by Hanryu

Stars – Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon” (singer Rain), Pfc Park Hyo Shin (singer), etc.

◦ This program is to foster friendships between the two sides, and it is expected to make

Korean-Vietnamese feel very patriotic and proud of our country.

◦ The military symphony orchestra is the only military orchestra in Korea, and it has held

more than 40 concerts since its foundation.

Last year, it contributed greatly to cementing the alliance between South Korea and USA,

being much obliged to veterans of the Korean War through a tour concert in USA, etc.




Credit to the Ministry of National Defense


English translation by 화니@raincloud

pic caps by wawalalal

27.Feb02.12[twitter][Engtrans]BI Rain picture at army with his dancers

욕심많은 하늘의 왕@gori7911

진짜 이놈때문에 별짓다해보는듯ㅋ 따뜻했던 일요일~ http://yfrog.com/ocstzxzjj


It’s hard to believe I would try to do everything like this because of that kid (Rain)..keke..(or ‘I never thought I’d come here just to see that kid’) It was warm and sunny Sunday~

new one …

Old one …



credit by BI Rain Dancer >>> 욕심많은 하늘의 왕@gori7911 twitter

English Translation by 화니 @raincloud

24.Feb02.12[twitter]More tweet from ROK_MND confirming his new position as entertainment soldier !

RT@국방부 트위터 대변인 @ROK_MND

국방홍보원은 23일 가수 비(정지훈)와 김성원(언터처블), 연기자 임주환, 김재욱 등을 홍보지원대원으로 최종 선발했습니다. 선발된 홍보지원대원은 앞으로 장병들의 사기 진작 및 국방홍보를 위해 활동하게 됩니다. goo.gl/KpGyi



caps by wawalalal

Eng.trans. by 화니

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