05.Apr04.12[Magazine]BI Rain at Japanese Magazine



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29.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ USA:South Korea : children’s books !!!

– Written by Stephe ^@@^

We’ve seen and heard about Rain in studies and university textbooks around the world, and seen  him as the subject of college lectures in Los Angeles. And lecturing college students himself on his home turf.

Now, even little ones can read about Rain and the Hallyu Wave in these two children’s books: Country Explorers: South Korea (ages 7 and up) and South Korea: Enchantment of the World (ages 10 and up). Pretty cool, huh?




Big thanks to lemonmaknae for having a sharp eye and a ready camera! 🙂

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28.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ Sing Tao Daily, the New York edition Rain任嘉賓台上勁chok

[2012/03/28][星島日報紐約版] Rain任嘉賓台上勁chok


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28.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ Sky Post newspaper



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28.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ Sharp Daily newspaper



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21.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ Chinese newspaper



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21.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ Sing Tao Daily News – Hong Kong newpaper




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19.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain @ THE SUN newspaper



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01.Mar03.12[Magazine]BI Rain at French newspaper La Voix du Nord

BI Rain in French newspaper La Voix du Nord

le scanne juste pour toi LOL



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19.Jan01.12[Magazine]BI Rain at Poland Magazine – WPROST,March 2012 Issue

폴란드 WPROST, “K-POP이 점점 유럽으로 넘어오고 있다”



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