24.Mar03.12[calendar]BI Rain April04 calendar 2012



by wawalalal

25.Feb02.12[Calendar]BI Rain 3March calendar .gif

by wawalalal



03.Feb02.12[pic]BI Rain calendars Feb02 2012 FanArt



credit as tagged //post by cloudUSA >>> Here

02.Feb02.12[Calendar]BI Rain calendar Feb.02

post late better than not ^^ …sorry im late i had problems with my net …hope you like it ! wawalalal



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01.Jan01.12[Calendar]BI Rain Coupang calendars 2012



source : coupang

01.Jan01.12[Calendar]BI Rain @ calendars FanArt




credit : USAcloud>>>> see more Here <<<

01.Jan01.12[Calendar]BI Rain Jan01_Calendar 2012 , Happy new year ^^



by  wawalalal

31.Dece12.11[pic]BI Rain @ Clouds FanAtr ” Happy new year 2012″^^



source : twitter as tagged

31.Dece12.11[Calendar]BI Rain calendar Jan.01.2012 Happy new year clouds ^^

its with animation as i promised ^^ …….enjoy


by wawalalal

30.Dece12.11[Calendar]BI Rain FanArt by Cerine Zen




source : @Cerinaz twitter(January’s Calendar/poster,wall) @29rain twitpic.com/7yasa4 twitpic.com/7yataq by Cerine Zen, Rain Fanart: rain-fanart.blogspot.com