07.Apr04.12[Audio][Eng.trans.]A collection of radio Talk about BI Rain

120316-정지훈씨랑 같이와서 든든했다
120323-정지훈일병 나오지 말라고..ㅋㅋㅋ
120402-비랑 언제 한번 같이 하면…
120403_후임으로 비씨도 있고
120406_비까지 와서 막강하다

[Eng.trans]by 화니 @raincloud

120316_I felt safe when I came with ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain).
120323_I’ll tell Pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ not to come out.
120402_I think it will be great if Rain and I can get together sometime.
120403_There is also Rain as my successor.
120406_Since Rain has even joined us, the team is the strongest one.




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07.Apr03.12[Audio][Eng.trans.]BI Rain @ Friends FM 2시의 휴게실(April 5th Preliminary Army Day Special Broadcast)


[English translation]by 화니

– Friends FM – 2시의휴게실 (The Lounge At 2:00PM) –

MC : We welcome a PR soldier who serves his duty of national defense in Defense Agency for Public Information Services, and he is a world-famous star and Korea’s lusty young man. His name is pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ serving in Defense Agency for Public Information Services. Please welcome? Bi (Rain).

Rain : Royalty! This is Pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain) Thank you.

MC : Since he is present, I lose my nerve and cannot approach him.
I think I’m a great favorite with the older generations, but I feel small in front of him.
He looks more manly here. How do you feel when you stand here?

Rain : Thank you for inviting me to such a great event by having big seniors attend, and I feel honored to be here.

MC : I’ve heard you don’t feel well recently.

Rain : No, I mean.. I participated in a concert in Vietnam last time, which was followed another performance after that, and my legs, meanwhile, hurt a bit. So, it looks like performing this time will be difficult. I tried to show you wonderful stage performances today, but I’m afraid I have to take a rain check. I’ll give a great performance next time.

MC : Do you understand the position he is in?
People : Yeah!

MC : How are you going to serve in the military?

Rain : I’ll work hard so that I won’t regret it afterwards, and thank the chief of Defense Agency for Public Information Services for treating his soldiers well. I’ll do my best in everything I do to be an inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you.

MC : You are very eloquent indeed. I’m afraid he has to go now. I’d like to invite him again if there is a chance. (People are clamoring to prevent him from going)

Rain : Thank you.




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02.Apr04.12[Audio][Eng.Sub.]BI Rain’s Interview @ Friends FM



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02.Apr04.12[video][Audio][Eng.trans.]BI Rain Today interview Friends FM-국방광장 ,Plaza of National Defense


– It was broadcast on April 2nd, 2012 –


MC : There have been series of cultural activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of

diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea.

Korean military symphony orchestra was invited for a performance in Vietnam recently

with PR soldiers attending. Today we have a great program for you, with a guest who is

Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon” as a PR soldier attached to Defense Agency for Public Information

Services. Nice to meet you.


Rain : It’s a pleasure to meet you.


MC : Meeting you in person in a studio like this makes me feel much better.


Rain : Nice to meet you, too. It has been almost two years since I appeared on a radio



MC : Please greet our listeners?


Rain : All right. Royalty! This is Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon” as a PR soldier attached to Defense

Agency for Public Information Services. I’m really glad to see you again after all these



MC : How long have you worked here?


Rain : It’s been almost a month since I worked here.


MC : How difficult has it been for you to adjust yourself to a new environment?


Rain : Defense Agency for Public Information Services can be called a representative of

Korean military, and I think there’s a lot to be done. I’m trying to start working harder,

but I believe that a more suitable period to allow me to adapt to changed circumstances

is needed.


MC : Yes, you’re right. You might have been called world star Rain (Bi) before, but now

that you’ve served in the military, you are called only as Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon”.

Could you please tell me the difference between the singer Rain and the soldier “Jung Ji



Rain ; I received much help from those around me when I worked as an entertainer, so

being in such a way was very comforting, but in the military I have to solve problems

myself rather than relying on others while obeying orders. I’ve realized yet again just how

precious they are after my enlistment.


MC ; I see. What are you doing in the department?


Rain ; As for me, I suppose nothing’s definite yet, but I think I will be a radio DJ at

the military broadcast or I will promote the domestic military cultures abroad in future.


MC : You are expected to do a lot of work as a Publicity Ambassador for the domestic

military cultures. Lately you went to Vietnam for a performance to celebrate the 20th

anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea. How was your trip

to the country?


Rain ; It was a great experience. Almost 100 soldiers of symphonists, traditional

musicians, and PR soldiers held two performances in Vietnam. I acted as a compere.

Korean culture seemed to be similar to Vietnamese culture.

Actually, I had been in Vietnam to hold a concert 5~6 years before my enlistment, and my

Vietnamese fans welcomed me warmly, which made me great.


MC : You personally put on a show there at that time, while your party was invited for a

performance in Vietnam recently. I think your Vietnamese fans were deeply sorry that you

had just emceed the recent concert.


Rain : I think so, too. Since my performance for the first time in 6~7 months made me feel

burdened, I just emceed the concert, but they enjoyed it all the same.


MC : What did the local people say when the concert was held?


Rain : Their reaction was very good. For them, our concert as a meeting of the

classical and the modern, could be a bit of a culture shock, and it was able to set a good

precedent, so I felt great.


MC : You just emeed the concert as a compere, not as a singer, which probably made it

special. How did you feel?


Rain ; As I said before, it was a great experience, and it was a very special experience for

me. I never thought I would emcee a concert, so that was too much for me. Maybe I

should take the time to do a better job of being a MC in future.


MC : Did you have any trouble emceeing the concert?


Rain ; Because I participated in the concert as one of the representatives of Korea, I

believed I shouldn’t act unnaturally, so I made a lot of preparations and had to practice

a lot for this concert before I went there.


MC : I heard the reaction of the local people was very good.

This concert was a good chance to introduce the cultures of Korea and its military to the


I know you served as a teaching assistant in a recruit training center attached to the 5th

Division before your transfer to Defense Agency for Public Information Services.


Rain: Yes, you’re right.


MC : You were selected as an ultra warrior at that time, right?


Rain : Yes.



MC : You seemed to start your acting career as an outstanding soldier.

Tell me how you have changed since your enlistment?



Rain : As I said before, it is hardly necessary to say, but my military service makes me

thank my precious ones who were with me in society. And, my military service has

become the impetus that makes me grow up more, and it has been a wonderful

opportunity to look back on my life and think about my future. I think it can be a good

experience to fulfill military duty.



MC: It is said lots of celebrities tend to begin to worry seriously about their future before

their enlistment. How did you respond to the situation?



Rain : I had never been concerned much about whether to serve in the military because

Korean under obligation to protect the country, young men must go to army. The timing

of the decision was just important.

Since I got my foot in the door, I thought I might as well make it big, so I wanted to have a

chance to bloom as an actor in USA. Luckily, I seemed to achieve success by the sweat

of my brow before my enlistment. So I joined the army magnificently. Already becoming a

Pfc, now I feel like I only have a bit more to go till I leave the army.


MC ; You look very nice indeed.


Rain : Thank you.


MC : How do you think you could resolve to become a PR soldier who would go a long

way toward promoting the national defense in different ways?



Rain : I’m always trying to show you positive results, and I could give much thought about

my future even after my military service. This will stay with us as a happy memory, despite

being discharged from the service. And, I’d like to take time out of my busy schedule to

study a lot or to acquire a language during my military service.



MC : I know you speak English fairly well.



Rain : I’ve mainly used practical English, but now I’m trying to learn business English

rather than doing practical English.



MC : I hope your wishes come true. I would like to thank you for coming today.

I’d like to see you again when you get a chance.


Rain : I will do that with pleasure.


MC : Until now, it was Rain as our guest.




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15.Mar03.12[video][MP3][Eng.trans.]Friends FM_Rain’s “Love Song” 유건입니다_Rain 널 붙잡을 노래

[English translation] by 화니 @raincloud

Friends FM_유건입니다 (Friends FM_This is Yu Gun) :an open-line radio show aimed at soldiers.

MC : Which song does the listener want to listen to ?
Pfc “Kim Jae Wook” : It’s “Love Song”, the song of Pfc “Jung Ji Hoon” (Rain) who works with me at the same department.

Female MC : Wish that he was here with us.

Pfc “Kim Jae Wook” : I feel the same way, too.

MC : Why are you suddenly saying that? (to the female MC in a jovial manner) 

Female MC : That’s the way it goes..(in a jovial manner)

MC : Let us begin to share listeners’ stories in earnest after hearing that song.

MC : It was Rain’s “Love Song”.

Female MC : The song reminds me of Rain dancing with passion on TV.

MC : You’re right, he looked so sexy when he was dancing that way.

Female MC : Do you remember his well defined stomach?



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19.July07.11[Audio][old] A love to kill Ost “unusual”


[Audio][old] A love to kill Ost


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