07.Apr03.12[Audio][Eng.trans.]BI Rain @ Friends FM 2시의 휴게실(April 5th Preliminary Army Day Special Broadcast)


[English translation]by 화니

– Friends FM – 2시의휴게실 (The Lounge At 2:00PM) –

MC : We welcome a PR soldier who serves his duty of national defense in Defense Agency for Public Information Services, and he is a world-famous star and Korea’s lusty young man. His name is pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ serving in Defense Agency for Public Information Services. Please welcome? Bi (Rain).

Rain : Royalty! This is Pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain) Thank you.

MC : Since he is present, I lose my nerve and cannot approach him.
I think I’m a great favorite with the older generations, but I feel small in front of him.
He looks more manly here. How do you feel when you stand here?

Rain : Thank you for inviting me to such a great event by having big seniors attend, and I feel honored to be here.

MC : I’ve heard you don’t feel well recently.

Rain : No, I mean.. I participated in a concert in Vietnam last time, which was followed another performance after that, and my legs, meanwhile, hurt a bit. So, it looks like performing this time will be difficult. I tried to show you wonderful stage performances today, but I’m afraid I have to take a rain check. I’ll give a great performance next time.

MC : Do you understand the position he is in?
People : Yeah!

MC : How are you going to serve in the military?

Rain : I’ll work hard so that I won’t regret it afterwards, and thank the chief of Defense Agency for Public Information Services for treating his soldiers well. I’ll do my best in everything I do to be an inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you.

MC : You are very eloquent indeed. I’m afraid he has to go now. I’d like to invite him again if there is a chance. (People are clamoring to prevent him from going)

Rain : Thank you.




credit : FriendsFM

Uploaded by on Apr 6, 2012


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