06.Apr04.12[FanAct][Eng.trans.]BI Rain dined with his soldier mates yesterday

국방부 삼겹살 회식 했대
비느 꼬기꼬기 마니 드셨낭?
콜라캔에 숟가락 꽂고 태피도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
울 비느 막내라인이라고 귀욤귀욤 작렬ㅋㅋ

글고 비느 귤 조아하시나?
ㅇㅂㄹ 프로듀싱 봐주는 영상에서도 귤까드시고
5사단 후기에서도 귤껍질 얘기 나오더니
국방부에서도 귤 잘 드시는듯 ㅋㅋㅋ

[English translation]by 화니@raincloud

-Rain dined with his soldier mates yesterday-

Defense Agency for Public Information Services where Rain serves had a get-together yesterday. They ate Samgyupsal (pork belly) for dinner.

Rain put a spoon in an empty can of coke and began to sing “How To Avoid the Sun”..kekekeke.
He had a leading role in creating a friendly atmosphere as it’s only just that he should do it as a successor…keke

Tangerine seems to be his favorite fruit?
As both a video which shows him training MBLAQ while he is peeling a tangerine and eating it, and the contents of soldiers’ letters about him throwing tangerine peel into a garbage can, indicate that tangerine is his favorite fruit, he still seems to enjoy eating tangerine even in Defense Agency for Public Information Services…kekeke..



source :  http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=323093&page=1&bbs=


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