[announcement]Our site will stop posting !

Hi clouds i have to tell you that we in the middle of stop posting !!!
i wanna say that before the day comes !!!
sorry for that , but we will stop posting this week !
we will keep supporting BI Rain, loving him, but from distance !
i win something from this post : you !!! my friends …
great people , nice , lovely , sweet , ….etc
i wanna say goodbye now because my post will stop any day this week and i maybe dont have time to say goodbye ^^
love you all without exception , and will not forget you ever >.< 

this site will stay , will not delete for the history news but no more news will posting !

i hope you spent nice time with my post ^^

keep #WaitingForRain



08.Apr04.12[pic]BI Rain at Army new picture





source : http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/7bd9841fgw1drskrsqirxj.jpg

http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/695f72e3gw1drsn04bkqpj.jpg //weibo as tagged

07.Apr04.12[allkpop]allkpop Fan Tournament – Best Male Dancer (Round 1)

With March Madness coming to a close, we decided that it would be nice to hold a tournament of our own.

Our very first tournament will be decided by fan vote on who is the Best Male Dancer in Kpop. We narrowed it down to the 8 following names: Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, SHINee’s Taemin, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang, TVXQ’s Yunho, Se7en, and Rain. We seeded them from 1 to 8 and matched them up accordingly in the bracket. Now, we know we may have omitted some talented dancers but the general consensus in the staff conversations were that these 8 are the best candidates.

The Tournament rules are simple, you vote for your favorite dancer in each matchup and the Winner advances to the next round. Round 1 ends on April 10th at 11:59PM EST and the next round will commence the following day on April 11th.


Vote for your favorites below!

Round 1 Matchups

Taeyang vs Rain

VOTE FOR RAIN here >>> http://www.allkpop.com/2012/04/allkpop-fan-tournament-best-male-dancer-round-1

07.Apr04.12[Audio][Eng.trans.]A collection of radio Talk about BI Rain

120316-정지훈씨랑 같이와서 든든했다
120323-정지훈일병 나오지 말라고..ㅋㅋㅋ
120402-비랑 언제 한번 같이 하면…
120403_후임으로 비씨도 있고
120406_비까지 와서 막강하다

[Eng.trans]by 화니 @raincloud

120316_I felt safe when I came with ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain).
120323_I’ll tell Pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ not to come out.
120402_I think it will be great if Rain and I can get together sometime.
120403_There is also Rain as my successor.
120406_Since Rain has even joined us, the team is the strongest one.




source : FriendsFM

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06.Apr04.12[video]Fashion in Northeast Asia BI Rain part

or see it here :




source : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzc3NjQyNjg0.html

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credit : Rain820625 @ v.youku

07.Apr04.12[pic]BI Rain debut of the 10th anniversary at Myeong-dong subway

RT@terry7051 明洞NOW 地下鉄で発見しました。ウリピニム 10周年? http://pic.twitter.com/XAGIefp7



full : https://twitter.com/#!/terry7051/status/188531276054134784/photo/1/large

07.Apr03.12[Audio][Eng.trans.]BI Rain @ Friends FM 2시의 휴게실(April 5th Preliminary Army Day Special Broadcast)


[English translation]by 화니

– Friends FM – 2시의휴게실 (The Lounge At 2:00PM) –

MC : We welcome a PR soldier who serves his duty of national defense in Defense Agency for Public Information Services, and he is a world-famous star and Korea’s lusty young man. His name is pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ serving in Defense Agency for Public Information Services. Please welcome? Bi (Rain).

Rain : Royalty! This is Pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain) Thank you.

MC : Since he is present, I lose my nerve and cannot approach him.
I think I’m a great favorite with the older generations, but I feel small in front of him.
He looks more manly here. How do you feel when you stand here?

Rain : Thank you for inviting me to such a great event by having big seniors attend, and I feel honored to be here.

MC : I’ve heard you don’t feel well recently.

Rain : No, I mean.. I participated in a concert in Vietnam last time, which was followed another performance after that, and my legs, meanwhile, hurt a bit. So, it looks like performing this time will be difficult. I tried to show you wonderful stage performances today, but I’m afraid I have to take a rain check. I’ll give a great performance next time.

MC : Do you understand the position he is in?
People : Yeah!

MC : How are you going to serve in the military?

Rain : I’ll work hard so that I won’t regret it afterwards, and thank the chief of Defense Agency for Public Information Services for treating his soldiers well. I’ll do my best in everything I do to be an inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you.

MC : You are very eloquent indeed. I’m afraid he has to go now. I’d like to invite him again if there is a chance. (People are clamoring to prevent him from going)

Rain : Thank you.




credit : FriendsFM

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06.Apr04.12[FanAct][Eng.trans.]BI Rain dined with his soldier mates yesterday

국방부 삼겹살 회식 했대
비느 꼬기꼬기 마니 드셨낭?
콜라캔에 숟가락 꽂고 태피도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
울 비느 막내라인이라고 귀욤귀욤 작렬ㅋㅋ

글고 비느 귤 조아하시나?
ㅇㅂㄹ 프로듀싱 봐주는 영상에서도 귤까드시고
5사단 후기에서도 귤껍질 얘기 나오더니
국방부에서도 귤 잘 드시는듯 ㅋㅋㅋ

[English translation]by 화니@raincloud

-Rain dined with his soldier mates yesterday-

Defense Agency for Public Information Services where Rain serves had a get-together yesterday. They ate Samgyupsal (pork belly) for dinner.

Rain put a spoon in an empty can of coke and began to sing “How To Avoid the Sun”..kekekeke.
He had a leading role in creating a friendly atmosphere as it’s only just that he should do it as a successor…keke

Tangerine seems to be his favorite fruit?
As both a video which shows him training MBLAQ while he is peeling a tangerine and eating it, and the contents of soldiers’ letters about him throwing tangerine peel into a garbage can, indicate that tangerine is his favorite fruit, he still seems to enjoy eating tangerine even in Defense Agency for Public Information Services…kekeke..



source :  http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=323093&page=1&bbs=

06.Apr04.12[twitter][Eng.trans.]BI Rain’ll make a guest appearance on a military radio show called radiojumam on Monday

박효신의 주맘 😀@radiojumam

또.. 여러분의 참여를 기다리는 코너 속의 코너도 있습니닷 내가 정의내린 “임주환은 OO이다, 김재욱은 OO이다, 정지훈은 OO이다!!” 주맘 전용 트위터나 이메일 통해서 미리 보내주시면 생방 때 같이 소개해드릴게요~많은 참여 부탁드립니다 🙂

그리고 4월9일 월요일에’철세’는 한주쉬구요, 대신 특별한손님들 초대했습니다~ 이제는 완전 선임! 쿄디제이와 홍보지원대의뉴페이스!! 임주환,김재욱,정지훈일병이 한자리에모여서벽을허무는(?) 시간.. 가져보려고하는데요.생방중간에응원의메시지많이보내주시구요

[English translation]by 화니@raincloud

We look forward to your participation in our program. For participation in it,
you can use the following methods – “Yim Ju Howan is OO”,”Kim Jae Wook is OO” “Jung Ji Hoon is OO !!”.If you send messages forward through a Jumam-only email,we’ll introduce those messages when it is broadcast live.We’d like the participation of the listeners.

@radiojumam : 

On Monday, April 9, we’ll have special guests on our program, Jumam.Pfc “Yim Ju Howan”, “Kim Jae Wook”, and “Jung Ji Hoon” (Rain), who are new faces in Defense Agency for Public Information Services, will get together to make time for fun that day. Please send supportive messages to us.




source :  http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=323094&page=1&bbs=

06.Apr04.12[Cloud Notice]★ Rain will be absent for Jinhae Gunhang Festival.

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.

We asked the manager of External Cooperation Team to find out if Rain participates in Jinhae Gunhang Festival for the period of April 1st through the second weekend in the

same month, and today (4/6) we received an message saying, “There are no plans to make pfc ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ attend the festival.”

After today, if you happen to find any media source or brochures distributed in the field reporting or saying, “Rain’ll participate in the festival”, please let us know about the informations by posting comments below. We’ll check Rain’s schedule again through the manager of External Cooperation Team.

Thank you.



source : http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/common/board/list.asp?board_id=b_08062719294427&page=1&search_what=&keyword= //raincloudhk